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Assistanat Trilingue

Gestion administrative


Cours de langues étrangères


DLR-assist-services offers companies and private persons a wide range of services from administrative and secretarial to language instructions.


DLR-Assist-Services can help you with


Basic tasks of an office-assistant

Business Development /  relationships

Export / import to/from France

Travel logistics and Event Management

French / German translation

French / German instruction

Administrative Assistant / Secretary :

With DLR, you have a serious, trustworthy, multilingual assistant for your company.


Extensive experience as Language Instructor and Personal Assistant in an  International context.

Expertise in Logistics, Export/Import, Communications and Marketing.

Reasons to trust DLR :

Dynamic and motivated individual with extensive experience providing exceptional service to international clients


Reliabale and discret service from a qualified professional


No need to increase permanent staff

No minimum price or tasks : pay as you go for the work you need done


Flexible service to complete your tasks in the required timeframe




Translation and Language Instruction:

If you require assistance translating written documents to/from French and/or German, or if you need personal instruction ...

DLR is here for you !

As experienced French and German teacher in France, Germany and even Kosovo, Danièle Lucta-Renard offers personalized service according to your needs and schedule.

 About Danièle Lucta-Renard


Danièle Lucta-Renard has a wealth of experience from living and working in France, Germany and Kosovo.

She is fluent in French, German and English and has basic knowledge of Italian and Albanian.


DLR graduated with a degree "Maîtrise" (Master 1) in German Linguistic and has held both administrative assistant and managerial positions for more than 10 years . She has created DLR-assist-services in 2012.

Wherever you are

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Tel : +33 6 52 34 58 31